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This is an email we received on 24th April 2011 from Petra and Frank, who enjoyed a cooking class with Arianna and Carla at our house Giuseppe:

Liebe Arianna,
wir sind gut wieder in Pieve Emanuele (MI) gelandet und sind voller schöner Erinnerungen an
die wundervolle Zeit mit Dir und Deinen Aktivitäten.
Wir können nur sagen "Kompliment" an diese Arbeit und die Struktur, die Du da geschaffen hast.
Das Weingut Giuseppes ist ein Vorzeigeobjekt in einem hervorragenden Zustand und sehr nette Leute.
Der Kochkurs war einfach toll, wir haben sehr viel gelernt und werden es auch anwenden, zur Erinnerung
sende ich Dir ein paar Fotos.

Wir danken Dir sehr und hoffen, Du hattest ein ruhiges Osterfest, bis auf bald,

herzliche Grüße
Petra und Frank

This is an email we received on 15th June 2010 from Ellen and Lex, who spent a relaxing week in Tuscany learning Italian with Massimo:

Buena sera Massimo,

Come va?

This time in English as I've been that busy as well.
I also have been too busy to realise time is flying indeed, but so it is.
Thank you for the invoices.
Furthermore : we had an interesting time with you and are glad to have met with you.
Our training has been a success and we are now in the proces of self studying based upon NL-IT and vica versa. We have been talking about a follow up course with you next year and will come back in due time.

Well Ellen and me wanted to thank you once again, we wish you all the best and we'll be in touch

Cordiali saluti della Olandese

Lex & Ellen

PS: Next time (not tomorrow but soon!!) my email will be in Italian

This is an email sent to us on 28th May 2010 by Stefanie and Thorsten, a nice German couple who experienced our cooking class with Arianna:

Liebe Arianna,

unser Aufenthalt bei euch hat uns sehr gut gefallen! Leider gingen die paar Tage wieder viel zu schnell vorbei…
Im Anhang - wie versprochen - die Fotos von unserem gemeinsamen Kochabend.

Viele Grüße - auch an Ester,
Steffi und Thorsten

This is an email sent to us on 19th April 2010 by Sapnoti and her husband, a very nice young couple from India who shared two cooking lessons with Massimo:

Dear Massimo,

Karthik and I want to thank you and the whole family at Giuseppe's for the wonderful time we had in Italy. We cant stop talking about the trip to all our friends. We have already started trying to cook some simple pasta and later we hope to cook gnocchi and ravioli. Thanks to you and Carla for making the classes so enjoyable. It was a pleasure spending time with both of you.

Please thank Giuseppe for letting us stay at the farmhouse. We felt quite pampered during our stay there. And a big thanks to Pedro for being such a lovely escort. We enjoyed travelling around Tuscany on the vespa. You told us so much about the history and culture of Tuscany that we almost felt like locals. After your recommendations and directions from Giuseppe we successfully made it to many more towns than we had planned. Karthik and I agree that San Gimignano is our favourite town in Tuscany. Of course, the fantastic ice-cream may be affecting our judgement :-)

I attach a few pictures that we had taken during our trip. The first few are of the cooking classes. The next is of Karthik with his new love, the vespa. The second last is of Pedro trying to chew Karthik's shoes. And the last one of me in Volterra.

Although we dont have any immediate plans, but we do know that this was not our last trip to Italy. Thanks again

Sapnoti & Karthik

This is an email we received on 1st September 2009 from Tracy, after doing a cooking class with her friends in our kitchen

Hello Arianna,
Here are the photos we promised. Thanks again for everything and let us know if you are ever in Stuttgart!
Tracy and Friends

This is a comment on TRIP ADVISOR that we received on 12th October 2009:

We booked a tour with Arianna and Friends to do a cooking class with our teenage son and my wife and stayed at Il Selvino. The entire experience was exceptional, the room was clean and spacious, the large pool amongst the pine trees was exceptional as was the overall setting. However more than that the family that runs Il Selvino were the wonderful. The cooking experience with Esther and Arianna was a tremendous experience. Our son wants to be a chef so this was a part of the holiday he was really looking forward to but we all had a wonder ful time, learned lots and shared a wonderful experience with people who genuinely cared about your trip.
The farm house served as a good base for exploring the area - Volterra, Lucca, wineries, and even the highly anticlimactic Piza. Great mornings of exploring and then afternoons in the pool with some local wine.
if you are going to Tuscany take the time and stay at Il Selvino

Read this comment on TRIP ADVISOR»

This is an email we received on 28th July 2009 from Sharon from the US, who spent a week in Giuseppe's agriturismo doing a lot of our activities:

Arianna, thank you! I hope, by now, that you and the team have recovered from the Bocelli concert!

I'm sorry not to have written back before now, but we have been very busy putting life and the businesses back in order upon our return.

We had the best, best time, and I have already begun giving out your business cards to friends and acquaintances who have inquired. We all feel that we got to know the area of Tuscany rather well during our stay, and could not have thought of a way to make the trip better.

No vacation will ever quite be the same, as my standards have now changed because of Arianna and Friend's great offering of activities.

Although the family cannot agree on any ONE activity we felt was our favorite, we all agree that the San Minato day of chocolate, Lee's bio-dynamic winery, and the truffle-hunting was probably our most memorable day as a whole.

Thank you, again, for helping me to be a hero within the family. If you or your team are ever in Southern California, you'll always have a place to stay.

Please give our heartfelt greeting to Massimo and the rest!

This is an email we received on 24th June 2009 from Andrea, who spent a cooking holiday with her family at Alessandro's farm:

Hi Arianna,

Thank you again for a wonderful evening! My family and I agree that your class was one of the highlight of our trip. Both you and Ester were so good with the children (and the adults). Once I get over my jetlag we're going to get going on making some pizzas and pastries.

Thanks again,
And Colin

This is an email we received on 24th June 2009 from Petra and Margitta, who took Italian lessons and tasted delicious wines while staying at Giuseppe's farm:

Hallo Ihr Zwei,
alles Liebe aus Deutschland und ein dickes Dankeschön für die herrlichen Tage in der Toskana.
Wir sind gut erholt wieder zu Hause gelandet und kommen gern wieder.
Die ganze Organisation war super, Ihr seit toll und das Kochen mit Carla Klasse.
Liebe Grüße an das herrliche Landhaus und Tizianna und Guiseppe.
Wir bleiben in Kontakt und wenn Ihr mal ein Bett zum schlafen braucht, ruft einfach an.
Wir freuen uns auf ein nächstes Treffen und versuchen bis dahin der Sprache mächtig zu werden.
Gruß Petra und Margitta

This is an email we received on 1st June 09 from Ernesto, experiencing a cooking holiday with us:

Dear Massimo

I would like to thank you and Carla for your patience and for your good instructions on preparing real Tuscany meals. As soon as I try to execute at home what I learned with you both, I will report the results to you.
We had a nice trip back home and now is time to go back to work.

Obrigado e saudações desde o Brasil

This is an email we received on 12th May 2009 from Anja, who booked her cooking holiday package with us:

Hallo liebe Ariana,

leider sind wir zurück in Deutschland! Das Wetter ist gar nicht schön....
Wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt und Ihre aufmerksame und liebenswerte Art sehr zu schätzen gewusst.
Besonders haben wir "unsere" Köchin Ester ins Herz geschlossen!
Es waren wunderbare Tage in der schönen Toscana und wir kommen sicher noch einmal wieder.
Vielen Dank, ciao

This is an email we received on 24th March 09 from Marla, spendig her spring holidays with her friend Jan:

Hi Arianna!

I have to thank you again for the wonderful trip you arranged for Jan and I! It was perfect in every way! We enjoyed the cooking class so much and Carla was such a joy to meet. I'll write more later, but just wanted you to know the rest of our trip was great; the hotels in Fiorenze and Pisa were very nice also.

This is an email we received on 22nd September 08 from Jen and Bob from the USA:

Liebe Arianne,

wir möchten uns für den tollen Kochkurs bei Il Selvino ganz herzlich bedanken. Das war unser Urlaubshighlight. Danke auch für die Flasche Olivenöl. Wir haben uns insgesamt sehr wohl gefühlt und freuen uns darüber. Unser Familie und unseren Freunden haben wir von dem Kochen, Essen und Wein, von der Landschaft, den Menschen und der Lebensart viel vorgeschwärmt.
Bitte grüßen Sie auch Marisa ganz herzlich von uns.
Unsere Einladung an Sie gilt, wir würden uns sehr über Ihren Besuch bei uns in Bremen freuen. Bei uns im Haus bieten wir Ihnen eine kostenlose Unterkunft für ein Wochenende und wir nehmen uns Zeit, Ihnen Bremen und Umgebung zu zeigen.

Wir hoffen sehr auf ein Wiedersehen.
liebe Grüße

Udo und Gudrun

This is an email we received on 26th August 08 from Zoe and Zack from the USA:

Hi Arianna & Massimo,
Zach and I wanted to send you an extremely belated thank you for all of your help during our stay in Tuscany. Although we travelled throughout Northern Italy during our trip, we agree that Tuscany and Fattoria Fibbiano were the best part! We enjoyed meeting and getting to know both of you and we adored Carla and had great fun partaking in the cooking classes. You are both so knowledgeable about the area and directed us to many small towns and unique places, enabling us to feel kind of like locals (although our Italian was limited!)

Of course it doesn't hurt that we got engaged in Tuscany as well!
Besides our memories of the amazing trip, we will always be able to tell the story of how we got engaged in a Tuscan vineyard. Everyone thinks Zach was very romantic! We have a few pictures that we I will be sending shortly--if I can figure out Zach's computer. Please let us know that you received them and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again for helping to make our trip memorable beyond belief. Although we do not have any immediate plans, it was definitely not our last trip to Italia and we cannot wait to return!'

Zach & Zoe

From the top:

The cooking class

Romantic (and successful) walk in the vineyard

Leaving from Fibbiano on a rented moped


This is an email we received on 21st August 08 from Jen and Bob from the USA:

Dear Massimo & Arianna,

No worries about the gifts!

I'm sorry we did not get to see you one last time Massimo and I'm even more sorry that we were not able to come to your party! We were really honored that you invited us and would have really loved to come!
We just want to make sure that you know we really enjoyed our 7 Night Dinner is Ready Package - it really exceeded our expectations! Our trip to Italy would have felt superfificial without this part of the trip. The location of Selvino was lovely and a perfect place to relax in between our trips to Rome and Forence. It was also centrally located, which made it perfect for exploring Tuscany. We also learned so much about the Tuscan cuisine and culture during the cooking lessons, they were perfect! Marissa & Esther are just perfect and so much fun. One of the best parts was meeting the both of you - it was fun and interesting to learn about life in Italy from your perspectives. We are amazed that you have put together this company at a young age and are reccommending you whenever we can!

Honestly, if you ever need a place to stay in Chicago, please contact us through e-mail or phone.

Take Care,

Jen and Bob

This is an email we received on 22nd July 08 from Doris and Wolfgang from Austria:

Liebe Arianna,
lieber Massimo

schwer begeistert sehen wir uns gerade die Fotos von unserem Traumurlaub bei Euch
in der Toscana an. Das es etwas gedauert hat, um Euch zu schreiben, hat leider in der
vielen Arbeit seinen Grund. Sie hat uns schon erwartet.
Wir möchten uns bei Euch beiden noch einmal für diesen wunderschönen Urlaub bedanken.
(Danke auch für Euer Abschiedgeschenk. Wein bereits getrunken, Olivenöl bereits in Einsatz)
Wir sind mit so vielen positiven Eindrücken nach Hause gekommen, dass wir bereits einigen Freunden Euere Adresse mitteilen mussten.
Wenn wir uns als Referenzkunden zur Verfügung stehen dürfen, machen wir das gerne.
Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald wieder und wünschen Euch noch viel Spaß (der Erfolg kommt bei Euch sowieso) und Leidenschaft für Euere super Geschäftsidee.

Liebe Grüße aus Salzburg wünschen Euch

Doris und Wolfgang (Austria)

From the top:

Doris during a painting class in the Fibbiano olive grove with Marina, the artist, and Massimo

Wolfgang with Arianna and the cook Carla during the cooking class in Fibbiano

Dinner at Selvino farm all together

This is an email we received on 18th June 08 from Mario from Australia:


Just a quick note to say thanks, we really enjoyed our stay at Selvino and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the cooking classes.
We got back yesterday and already she is talking about trying some of the dishes out.
We enjoyed Tuscany and thought it was a beautiful place and will certainly be returning there again

Best wishes for you business, i think you are off to a great start and we will certainly be recommending you to friends

kind regards

This is an email we received on 27th May 08 from Emma and her family:

Hello Massimo!
Many thanks again for our wonderful Tuscan holiday. We all had a fantastic time enjoying delicious food and wine amid some of the most beautiful scenery. Our cooking classes with Carla served as a delightful highlight to our short brake and we have enjoyed showing off our newly learnt skills to all our friends. It was a pleasure to meet and get to know so many of the local characters sipping wine under the Tuscan stars!
Each of us has recommended La Mia Toscana to our friends and family and we all very much hope to return. Thanks again for making my Dad's 60th Birthday gift such a meorable and happy time.
I have attached some of the pictures which you are welcome to use. My Dad will be in contact shortly with some more.

Kind Regards,

Emma (UK)

From the top:

All the family at work

Making ravioli stuffe with rucola and Swiss chard

Emma's parents and their ingredients

See the complete photo album »


This is an email we received on 25th May 08 from Petra and Michael:

Hallo Arianna, Massimo, Marisa, Alessandro und Silvana,

viele Liebe Grüße aus Bonn und nochmals vielen Dank für die gute Betreuung und den tollen Service. Es war für uns ein wirklich unvergeßliches Erlebnis, der direkte Kontakt mit der toskanischen Kultur durch das gelungene Kocherlebnis wie die selbstgemachten traditionellen Pasta, gegrilltes oder auch fritiertes Gemüse und viele weitere Rezepte. Aber das beste daran ist, dass die Pasta und auch die Crostinis jetzt zu Hause genau so gut schmecken wie bei Euch. Ganz herzliches Dankeschön geht an die Küchenfee: Marisa, ohne die wir die speziellen Tipps und Tricks nie kennen gelernt hätten.

Gerne könnt Ihr dieses Lob auf Eurer Hompage veröffentlichen.

Viele Liebe Grüße
Michael &Petra (Germany)

From the top:

Marisa among vegetables

Michael and Arianna

Marisa, Massimo and Petra

Mail 2nd January 2008:

I wanted to pass on a thanks for everything that was put together.
We had an excellent time. I've already passed along the info about you to some others who were considering visiting Italy within the next year or so. In addition, I've included some of the pics that I took while I was down there. You're welcome to use them however you like. Once again, thanks.


Mail 24 June 2007

Dear Arianna,

Thank you so much for planning our wonderful holiday.

We had an amazing time with all of you. The food, wine, and olive oil were to die for. The dinner at La Greppia was amazing and very romantic, definitely a great spot for the last evening in Tuscany . We learned so much and will take that experience with us wherever we go. Hope to see you again someday and tell everyone thank you.

Best Regards,

Marne and Harry, London

Mail 24/may/07

Hi Arianna,

its nice to hear from you. (…) we had an absolutely fantastic time there! Everybody we met was really friendly and generous, everything was just great and we really didnt' want to come back! The food was superb too, you Italians know how to eat nice food! You especially were great, organising it all and being there for some of the things we did was great and we really appreciated all the effort you made. We particularly enjoyed the cooking with Carla, and the quad biking with Chris. Can you pass on our thanks to both of them, they were great. Massimo, Guseppie and his son that did the wine tour at Fibbiano were really nice too and made us very welcome.

If you ever decide to come to the UK again then let us know, we'd love to have you stay for a bit and to show you some of the stuff we have around here. I know you've seen London already, but there is so much more to see here, and outside of london things are generally much calmer and the countryside is really beautiful here too.

Anyway, thanks again for everything you did for us and i hope to hear from you soon !


Mail 23 April 2007
Hi Arianna!

Our family had a such a memorable time at Il Selvino. We have you to thank for your amazing help and graciousness. We were also so lucky to have met and spent time with Alessandro, who is a truly great guy who loves taking care of his gorgeous farm and the guests who come there. We had one of our best meals ever the first night at Il Selvino and we were so lucky to have Arianna as our guide. We look forward to bringing friends back to his farm! Of course we will miss our mornings with Ester and our unforgettable cooking class with Marisa. The farm is an undeniably beautiful place but the people we met there make it a place we will certainly return to!

Thank you Arianna for helping to make it happen!

See you soon!
The Yoon Family
New York

Mail 30/01/2007

Dear Arianna

Dawn and I are very good, thank you for asking. How are you?

We very much enjoyed our time with you in Tuscany. We learned so much. We bought a mezzaluna and an oil can on the way home, and we have already made pappa al pomodoro once… but I forgot to remove the pepperocini, and it was very hot!! L I will try again tonight!

The winter is gone here also. There are flowers blooming also, and it is actually warmer here than it was in Tuscany. It rains here a lot too! We have opened the marmalade and ate some of it yesterday. It was delicious! Buonissimo! Unfortunately, the bread we ate it on was slightly flavored (we don’t have Tuscan bread here with no salt), so that interfered slightly with the flavor of the marmalade.

Take care, and I will write to you soon!

Hi Arianna,

Thank you so much for your hospitality. We had a fantastic time in Tuscany.
La Mia Toscana customized our vacation to our exact specifications without any hassle. The meal that we cooked in true Tuscan style was one of the most memorable meals we have ever had in our 7 years together. We have never tasted bruschetta like that before! The use of just-pressed olive oil and local garden ingredients made all the flavours come alive! Arianna, our tour guide, was incredible.
Her knowledge of the history, culture and food during the cooking lessons and the guided tour of the San Miniato Truffle festival made us feel like we received a true Italian experience. Her enthousiasme and love of her region was nothing but contagious. We spent most of last week just getting back to normal!

Thanks for a priceless experience,
Mike and Ayesha


This is Tony now, I enjoyed the cooking classes so much, and I thin I’ll take some Toscana home in the way I look at food.

Next time I come to Italy I’m going to practice with the mezzaluna so I perhaps can impress a cook or two.

Thank you so much for everything!

We will have these memories for a lifetime!

Read the travelog of Chris and Becky about your travel with La Mia Toscana:
Travel Monkey 1
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MAIL 31 Luglio 2006

"Una delle vacanze più rilassanti dell'anno, trascorse in luogo da favola, di colori e profumi di primavera.

L'ospitalità dell'agriturismo è stata calorosa e le persone gentilissime. Anche i cioccolatini e i fiori freschi di giardino che abbiamo trovato in camera sono stati molto apprezzati!

Consiglio vivamente di appoggiarsi all'agenzia La Mia Toscana, sempre disponibile e pronta a soddisfare anche il cliente più esigente.

Grazie ancora e a presto! Emilyn e Raffaele"

Mail 17.6.2006

Liebe Arianna,

uns geht es hervorragend. Wir haben den Urlaub sehr genossen und auch die Hunde, insbesondere Coco, hatten jede Menge Spaß. In der Zwischenzeit ist auch unser Garten zu Hause fertig, und da es sehr warm ist, können wir diesen nun auch genießen.

Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja Ende September / Anfang Oktober wieder. Wir hoffen, zur Weinlese noch einmal einen Wochentrip zu Fibbiano machen zu können. Ich habe mit einem befreundeten Ehepaar mit einem kleinen Sohn gesprochen, und vielleicht klappt es sogar dass sie auch mitkommen. Wir melden uns rechtzeitig.

Liebe Grüße, auch an die Familie von Guiseppe,

Jill, U.S.A.

Dear Arianna
Evviva! Thank you so much for all you have done to make our honeymoon an unforgettable experience. We could not have asked for more.
The house where we stayed is simply beautiful-comfortable, clean, surrounded by so much natural beauty, it is hard to know where to look.

It was quiet, private and smelled to wonderful. We really enjoyed swimming too!
The best part of the trip was meeting Marisa, Carla, Giandomenico, the folks at the cheese factory, and most of all, you! You are an extremely gracious hostess and made us feel right at home. You are so well-suited for your work!

Manuela, Bergamo, Italia

Complimenti per la particolare organizzazione del pacchetto “degustazione prodotti tipici”.

Saremo sicuramente di ritorno.

Karen e Robert, UK

Sorry it is taken so long!

We have some great memories of our week in Tuscany, but this day was very special! Thank you!

We have booked the same week 2007, we will be in touch


Mail 03.5.2006

Dear Arianna,
Thank you very much for the arrangements that you have made in order to
Make our visit to beautiful Toscana a nice one.




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